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Another bug happened. OK. [Fixed]
Well, upon upload of the fifth comic, the comic order screws up. They phased out of existence, leaving only the mysterious 1999-November-30 and link to a dead image. After trying to fix it, uploaded more pages, and now the sixth page (out of seven pages posted) entered the unknown. What is this. How do I fix this. I don't know, but I'll fix it. Somehow.

Man, it is a good thing no one knows of this site yet. That would be embarrassing.

[Update 2015-12-08, 17:42 ET] Victory. Fixed both the random comic page disappearance and the news posts disappearances. It turns out that within the directory function...wait a minute, who gives a shit. If there's anyone interested, they'd email me for coding answers (el oh el, >advice). Shit's back on schedule. heck yes.
2015-12-02, 13:10 ET
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